The Intranet App for Employers

The Intranet App for Employers

MyWork Embassy is a straightforward app for Australian employers.

Phone us at (08) 9 278 2552. Ask us to show you how MyWork Embassy helps you to manage the people in your business.

  • MyWork Embassy is your intranet

    Share current workplace information with your employees.

  • Streamline tracking employment records

    Use MyWork Embassy to track and update individual employee contracts, agreements, offers, and awards.

  • Automate workplace compliance

    When workplace laws change, our experts update the employment documentation in the app.

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We’ve built MyWork Embassy for our clients
to run their businesses better

MyWork Embassy is easy to use. Employers and their employees access their own human resources data online from a phone, pad, or computer. We’ve based the intranet app for employers on decades of employment experience.

MyBusiness Embassy experts provide the full set of up-to-date workplace documents. We supply the employment policies, offer letters, and employer documents you need. Your business is up and running in a flash.

You can also customize the information to suit your business needs. You can add your own documents and workflow to fit your existing company. Additionally, you can tap into the MyBusinessEmbassy programs for employment best practices, people management advice, and leadership tools.

We work with and for you because it’s your success story.

The Intranet App for Employers

3 reasons why using an intranet with individual employee files and compliant documents is important:

  1. laws require you to provide specific workplace compliance information to all employees;
  2. keeping employees up to date with company news and information builds rapport, increases loyalty and improves workplace happiness factors; and
  3. important communications with employees should be in writing and on file, including,
    • defining expectations,
    • acknowledging achievement and success,
    • feedback on performance,
    • promises or commitments.

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My WorkEmbassy is the ready-made app
for Australian employers



The employee files and documents tool are easy for everyone to use. Quickly share documents and two-way updates with all employees.

Workplace Compliant Documents

Give your employees policies, forms, and employment letters that comply with current employment laws. Access a payroll interface and deliver payslips.

Management and Leadership Support

Managers have access to people management guides for supervisors. This intranet app for employers has online help and advice for employment and workplace compliance. Tap into leadership styles self-assessments, leadership coaching, and mentoring programs.

One-Stop for People Management

Get local and international hiring, aptitude testing, and qualification verification inside the MyWork Embassy app.

Ready to Use Online Training

  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Leadership and Management
  • Safety Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Project Management
  • Training and Assessment
  • Workplace Mental Health

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